I started drawing at a young age after seeing my father’s artwork. Through my adolescence I gravitated towards graffiti art, sketches and illustrations of classic cars which eventually motivated me to picking up a spray can. I work with many forms of art using various mediums and methods. I like to make art enjoyable by all walks of life. Next to the birth of my son, seeing the reaction from observers is the best feeling I’ve ever experienced. After decades pushing a pencil, in 2015 I decided to dedicate myself to a career in Freelance Graphic Art and Mural Art.

In 2018 I obtained the city permits necessary to set forth on a new public art project titled #BRIGHTENUPSEATTLESINTERSECTIONS . I’m bringing legitimate value to communities by hand painting original artwork on traffic signal control boxes. They include portraits of iconic public figures and others ranging from musicians, athletes and actors to tech industry pioneers, cultural leaders and scientists. Since 2018 I have painted 25+ traffic boxes and the project is continuing to grow. I’m very proud to say it is funded entirely by the public, myself and community art supporters.

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